“Things Left Unsaid”
Creative Alliance
Amalie Rothschild Gallery
December 2014

More information to come.


Group Show:

Galerie Francoise, Baltimore
3500 Parkdale Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211
Clipper Mill area
December 2012-February 2013

Solo Exhibit:

“Caryn Martin: The Nature of Things”
September 16-October 21, 2012
Oil and acrylic paintings from 2009-2012
Towson Unitarian Universalist Church
1710 Dulaney Valley Road
Lutherville, MD 21093

Solo Exhibit:

“Atmospheric Abstractions”
Creative Alliance
Amalie Rothschild Gallery
July 30-August 16, 2008

Quote from City Paper, August 20, 2008
“...taken in as a whole, Martin’s paintings 
create a transformative and healing 
environment of emotional landscape.” 
Kate Noonan, “Caryn Martin: 
Atmospheric Abstractions,” Baltimore City Paper, 
August 20, 2008

Text from the curator:
“As a conceptual project, it's pretty clear: to pare landscape painting down to its essence, with only the
barest hint of color and horizontality. In practice, however, Caryn Martin's nearly monochrome, nearly abstract landscapes are deeply felt and suffused with warm light, evoking a sense of quiet contemplation as your eyes adjust to the whiteness like the reverse of a dark room at night.”