Windows surround us--from digital devices, the views from our vehicles, and the windows of our homes, these frames construct our visual experiences.  These ever-present enclosures allow us to manage the chaos of the world by providing a sense of structure.  While they are an integral part of our lives, I believe that these windows also create a modern sense of spatial disconnect, as we simultaneously look within and outside of these structures to define our sense of space.


In my photographs, prints, paintings, and installations, I am interested in pushing the edges of these frames. In many pieces, the window is constructed of multiple parts, brought together to create a fragmented space. By breaking the frame, I seek to come to terms with my own feelings of spatial disconnect. Ultimately, however, the impetus behind the work is a desire to make the collective become whole.


Along with my interest in the multiplicity of windows, I return again and again to the horizon line. Like the outer edges of a window, the horizon line represents an edge of certainty. In my work, however, the horizon is often lost or obstructed. At other times, it is defined and reliable. Whether working in photography, ink, or acrylic, I seek that tenuous moment when land meets sky.

© 2020 Caryn Martin